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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are these people for real?!

I can't quite reconcile this guy's profile with the message he sent me.

About me: I'm somewhat old fashioned and can be simple and sometimes complex. Looking at a fresh start in life! and hopefully someone to share it with! I'm not into the club or bar scene although I can enjoy being social i also can appreciate cuddling up and watching a movie and having pizza. I can talk for a long time as well as listen! I am very honest and im pretty much an open book. Not looking for a fling or a one night stand! also not really into hunting or killing anything for fun lol.


--My response--

Aren't there any normal dudes out there?


Online Superdater said...

OK, here's the really sad thing... at some point, this must have worked for the man in the white shirt. Otherwise why keep doing it?

The dichotomy between the message and the profile is interesting. I'm wondering if his 13 year-old little brother didn't somehow get ahold of his POF password... at least, that's what I'm hoping.

Annie said...

haha... nice one...

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